Do you know my method?

Give your health a boost

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Our first meeting

In the cognitive phone call, we will analyze your situation and eventually we will fix a first session in my private practice in Lugano or video in which we will try to train and define the first steps of your path.

Work out

Over 25 Years of Experience as a Personal Trainer

I will propose a training program that suits your needs (training at home, online or in my Lugano office, number of weekly sessions, choice of exercises based on conformation, joint and postural problems, etc.)

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Lifestyle and Nutrition

Motivation is the basis of my method

Based on your goal, we will evaluate what the main obstacles are and together identify the actions to remove them, whether it is nutrition, stress management, recovery or other.

Updates and Workouts

Constant assistance

We will train via video or in my private studio in Lugano as often as I see fit, with updates via telephone or video call.  to analyze together the progress of your course and adjust the shot.
You will be able to communicate with me whenever you need it for all the small and big difficulties, progress, goals achieved.

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