Your fitness guru

Keeping fit doesn't have to be unbearable torture.

It can happen that you have sore muscles every now and then, but the path to fitness should be a moment to enjoy, not to fear. What does my work consist of?


I change people's lives and this for me, as well as a privilege, is something incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.


As a certified and accredited personal trainer to Qualicert and SPTV  I strongly believe in the many benefits that fitness can bring to life for all of us.

By purchasing my services, you can take advantage of a rich program of courses and lessons, and you will have access to tips and resources for a healthy lifestyle.


Are you ready to take this opportunity for change?



1. Mission

Developing the maximum expression of the potential inherent in each person is my mission.

Improving the lives of my clients is what I will get the most satisfaction from. Economic gratification and social recognition are well-deserved consequences.

2. Ethics first of all
Honesty, respect and dedication are the highest values in which I firmly believe. 3. The scientific approach

I am committed to adopting a scientific approach to training planning and updating my knowledge with passion and constancy. My every technical choice will be scientifically and clearly motivated.

4. Preservation of health

Any training that I intend to submit to my clients will be subject to a careful evaluation of the potential benefits and potential negative effects. The pursuit of ambitious goals must in no case compromise the customer's health.

5. Education for a correct lifestyle

It is my job to inform and educate the client, motivating him to adopt a correct lifestyle and dissuading him from perpetrating unfair and unhealthy practices.

6. Professional area

I know and will always respect the limits of my profession. I will never replace the doctor or other professionals, but I will collaborate with them in the interest of my clients.