Nick & Giuliana

We started the Personal Training path for the need to improve joint mobility and muscle elasticity. seeing the notable improvements we immediately became passionate about Andy's election.
Attentive, extremely prepared, he dedicates himself to his work and to his students with seriousness, professionalism and dedication.


Monica Salinas

My trainer is amazing. Andy takes the time to carefully coordinate a workout plan that is tailored to me and my goals. He spends time not only on helping me thru the exercises, but educating me on the importance of nutrition and sends me encouraging communications throughout the week


Ruggero D`Alessandro

I met Andy  a few years ago and I was very satisfied with his professionalism and competence.
With his personalized training  I found true well-being: greater physical strength, more elasticity and resistance.



Competence, professionalism, experience, friendship, trust and motivation make Andy the personal trainer par excellence. He taught me that you can change ... you just have to believe in what you do



After previous negative experiences, with Andy I found a coach who knows how to listen to you and is able to better understand your goals training after training  and always manages to find the best way to reach it


Franco & Leila

Choosing Andy as a personal trainer means choosing professionalism, reliability and guarantee. We also went to one of his Fitness Retreats in Fuerteventura and we must say that it was an experience to be redone absolutely. In practice, it follows you step by step, identifies weaknesses and potential to build together the right path for results  In addition, even on an interpersonal level it immediately puts you at ease, as if you were training with a long-known friend.



I recommend Andy for the excellent personal trainer service: you will find the great competence and precision of a true professional .... you can, serenely, rely on Individual workouts and Fitness Retreat in Fuerteventura  in order to achieve specific needs and results


Daniele Bravo

I met Andy through the internet and after the first trial lesson I decided to start training with him! I just tell you that the package was supposed to last a few weeks, well, I specifically asked to  continue indefinitely. Available serious and severe when needed .. and all this is seasoned with a pleasant atmosphere.! Anyone who asked me "can you recommend a great PT" I would say two words: Andy !!


Pedro and Manuel

Personally we have never met a trainer as well prepared as Andy ... he is always constantly updated! He is a competent and absolutely reliable person. His training methods are never boring, he proposes new and effective exercises ... and the results are guaranteed !!!



In addition to being a highly trained and competent professional, she is a person who puts you at ease, patient, understanding and motivating.

It made me completely change my approach to food, changing my lifestyle and making me discover the taste of the healthy.

I recommend to everyone "Coach Andy"



I was lucky in knowing Andy: I found a competent and serious person.
He was able to motivate me by planning an effective and professional training and now physical activity is a fundamental component of my life.
Thanks Andy!
Besides being a great professional, you are a great person!


Gabriella Kraft

I was embarrassed and couldn't show what I really was, with my extra pounds. With his experience and calm andy showed me how to feed myself correctly along with an effective workout.
Movement was no longer fatigue but fun.
The training was a nice thing to do, thanks to his professionalism and patience.
They never stopped thanking him


Antonella & Stefi

Fitness holiday in Sicily Unforgettable.
Professional, patient, he explains each time the reason for the exercise he does, giving greater motivation to the effort.  The smile that never fails is a boost  not to give up, even and above all when it is difficult to finish the assigned work. The calm and seriousness with which he works help concentration and motivation.


The Bootcamp Girls

So much fun (and buckets of sweat) It's great that the circuits vary from week to week, with new challenges being gradually increased. We always leave with a big smile on my face, rain or shine!



I really enjoyed working with Mike. He's very personable and knows what he's talking about when it comes to fitness. Works outs were appropriately geared to what I was able to do and would get progressively more challenging as our sessions went on. I definitely feel stronger and more fit. Highly recommend him



Andy is the Personal Trainer that everyone would like to have or that we should wish to meet! Andy is definitely very prepared, imaginative in training, so you never get bored and you always learn something different and effective; it is a strong motivator who sets goals and makes you reach them, stimulating you to give more and the results are visible. In a few weeks he got us back in shape for our wedding


Antonio Ferrari

A true professional in the sector.
Never an unweighted answer to the thousand questions asked about one's physical performance.

Impeccable in punctuality, flexibility and in understanding what is the best training not only in relation to one's muscular and physical structure in general, but also in relation to one's metabolism and the psychophysical state of the "day".
Not just a professional then, but above all a friend.



Physical activity and more. My experience here made me understand the real meaning of this phrase: "The coach is the one who tells you things you don't want to hear, who shows you things you don't want to see, to allow you to be what you've always known about. to be able to become. " Thanks to Andy's professionalism, you will change your mind about the fact that going to the gym or doing physical activity is boring and exhausting, and more importantly, you will always be able to keep motivation high thanks to the particular and specific paths he designed.


Beat Amman

Thanks to Andy I started a personalized postural gymnastics course and to do specific exercises on muscle strengthening  I must say that I feel much safer, much stronger and above all I have much less pain in my back, I am learning to take a different position when walking and moving



A fantastic person, always on the spot, does not give you a second. Extremely professional and accurate in the details of every single workout.
I definitely recommend that you contact him and train with him because  he has a lot of experience and knows what he's talking about.



Professional and precise, you can see the passion he puts into his work and he transmits it all to you ... also transmits sympathy and  preparation ... in other words a great ... top